EMSE Spring 2017 Schedule

Cohort F15

CS6301 - Cloud Computing

(3 semester credit hours) Different layers of cloud computing, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). Data centers. Resource management, power management, and health monitoring in IaaS cloud. Hadoop MapReduce for big data computing. PaaS examples such as GAE, SaaS concepts and enabling technologies. Cloud storage theory and practical solutions such as GFS, Big Table, HDFS, HBase, Dynamo, Pnuts. Erasure coding and secret sharing based cloud storage. Virtualization and emulation. Server virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization. Cloud security

CS6350 - Big Data Management and Analytics

(3 semester credit hours) This course focuses on scalable data management and mining algorithms for analyzing very large amounts of data (i.e., Big Data). Included topics are: Mapreduce, NoSQL systems (e.g., key-value stores, column-oriented data stores, stream processing systems), association rule mining, large scale supervised and unsupervised learning, state of the art research in data streams, and applications including recommendation systems, web and big data security.

SE 6387 - Advanced Software Engineering Project

(3 semester hours)

This course is intended to provide experience in a group project that requires advanced technical solutions, such as distributed multi-tier architectures, component-based technologies, automated software engineering, etc., for developing applications, such as web-based systems, knowledge-based systems, real-time systems, etc. The students will develop and maintain requirements, architecture and detailed design, implementation, and testing and their traceability relationships. Best practices in software engineering will be applied.

Cohort F16

SE 6362 - Advanced Software Architecture and Design

(3 semester hours)

Concepts and methodologies for the development, evolution, and reuse of software architecture and design, with an emphasis on object-orientation. Identification, analysis, and synthesis of system data, process, communication, and control components. Decomposition, assignment, and composition of functionality to design elements and connectors. Use of non-functional requirements for analyzing trade-offs and selecting among design alternatives. Software modeling techniques. Architecture styles and design patterns. Service-oriented architecture. Transition from requirements to software architecture, design, and to implementation. State of the practice and art.

CS 6360 - Database Design

(3 semester hours)

Methods, principles, and concepts that are relevant to the practice of database software design. Database system architecture; conceptual database models; relational and object-oriented databases; database system implementation; query processing and optimization; transaction processing concepts, concurrency, and recovery; security.

Cohort F16

CS 6388 - Software Project Planning and Management

(3 semester hours)

Techniques and disciplines for successful management of software projects. Project planning and contracts. Advanced cost estimation models. Risk management process and activities. Advanced scheduling techniques. Definition, management, and optimization of software engineering processes. Statistical process control. Software configuration management. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

CS 6396 - Real Time Systems

(3 semester credit hours)

Introduction to real-time applications and concepts. Real-time operating systems and resource management. Specification and design methods for real-time systems. System performance analysis and optimization techniques. Project to specify, analyze, design, implement and test small real-time system.